Plan A Visit

Sundays @ 9:45AM
504 Suite F East Broad Ave, Rockingham, NC 28379

What To Expect

3 Rock church starts at 9:45 am.   We are located behind Kays variety, 504 suite F East Broad Ave in Rockingham.  You will see our signage from East Broad/ 74 Business.   Follow the parking signs to our parking lot.   There you will see welcome banner and entrance to 3 Rock.

When you first step inside you will see welcome in Gold letters, come on in!   There is coffee, or water provided as you come in.  You will also notice our connect table.  There you will see how we seek to fill the city with JESUS through small groups, missions, connect cards and even a small book store.

Worship service starts at 9:45, starts with announcements and events, then worship music lyric shared so you can sing along.   After singing we do prayers for the people.  Got some one that needs praying for, you can share then or at the connect table, or if your prayer is private it can be shared upon the private prayers board.   After praying, children’s time and children can go with Mrs. Ginger for their service.

Sermons, Messages, and events are on post cards at the entrance.  Grab a card so you can take notes, or find the day’s scripture.  Don’t worry, if you don’t have a Bible, it will be projected so you can follow along.   We invite you to share the message with your friends throughout the week.   We can even resource you if you would like to start a small group.   Pastor Joel seeks share the history of the scripture and the application of it today.  Services last around an hour


When and where are services?

 Services are 9:45 AM Sundays and 2 small groups Monday 6:30 and Wednesday 6:30

Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code.

 Is there something for my kids? 

Children's church is available for kids from K-5th grade after worship.

What denomination?

We are not affiliated with any enomination.   We are mentored by ARC, Associated Related Churches a church planting organization that wants to plant healthy life-giving churches.

How do I get involved?

The first step to getting involved is to plan a visit with us.   You can contact us at or 910 434-8483.  We will be ready!

How to do talk to someone at 3Rock? or 910 434-8483.


504 Suite F East Broad Ave, Rockingham, NC 28379


103 Shady Wood Dr. Rockingham, NC 28379

Office Address

910 434-8483